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National Monument

Malaysia's new $1 million National Monument sited on top of a hill along Jalan Clifford commands a panoramic view of the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur.

The Monument has been described by the Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj as "a symbol of the eternal gratitude of the people of Malaya for the devotion and patriotism of all those brave men and women who suffered and dies in the twelve long years of the Emergency". Costing the country about $1,400 million and thousands of lives the Emergency was an epic of the people's heroic struggle for peace and freedom against militant communism.

It was on 31st July 1961, the first anniversary of the ending of the Emergency, that the National Monument Fund was launched by the Prime Minister with a $200,000 donation from the Central Government. To date, with the wholehearted support of the people the target of $1 million has almost been reached.

The Monument, a 40-foot high sculpture in bronze stands on a base almost 11 feet high and 45 feet square is made of emerald pearl granite from Norway.

The Federation coat-of-arms is cut from the same granite. On either side of this is a plaque in dedication to our fallen heroes - in Jawi and in English.

The group of statuary depicts men of the armed forces in vigorous action with the Malaysian Flag fluttering overhead. Total weight of the group is 14.5 tons.

Each of the figures stands more than 20 feet tall and is 3.5 times life-size.

The top most figure of a man symbolizes leadership as he holds the flag which itself is the symbol of unity and strength as well as of the ideals of the country.

On each side of this figure are two powerful men of the Security Forces ready to fight for these ideals and they have won a victory against great odds.

This Monument typifies the unsurpassed gallantry of all men of the Security Forces of Malaya.

In the centre front a man is aiding and giving comfort to a wounded soldier whose facial expression portrays his suffering.

This symbolizes the sacrifices made throughout the ranks of the fighting men for the maintenance of peace and freedom.

The well-known American sculptor-cum-painter, Mr. Felix W. de Weldon designed the Monument. Italian master craftsmen, with years of experience in casting bronze, were employed to turn out the seven statues.

Technical Details
Special postage stamps of the 10 cents and 20 cents denominations will be issued to mark the unveiling of the National Monument.

Details of the stamps are as follows:

Date of issue: 1966-02-08

Size: Triangular with the following dimensions perforation to perforation: (i) Base 38 mm (ii) Sides 38 mm.

Printing Process: Photogravure

Design: The design features a group of statuary depicting men of the armed forces in vigorous action with the Malaysian Flag fluttering overhead.

Colour: 10 cents - The Malaysian Flag in full colours and the statuary in bronze against a yellow-orange background.

20 cents - The Malaysian Flag in full colours and the statuary in bronze against a light blue background.

Paper: PTM watermarked white paper

Printed by: Harrison & Sons, Ltd., London.

The stamps will be placed on sale in all the territories of Malaysia for a period of three months from the date of issue or until stocks are exhausted whichever is earlier.

First Day Cover

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