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Commemorative Postage Stamp 3rd SEAP Games

At the beginning of 1958 an idea was mooted in many quarters to organize games similar to the Asian and Olympic Games in South East Asia because there was affinity in many aspects such as the way of life and physical make-up of people as well as the climate.

The general consensus was that these games, if held at the right time, would be a good exercise for the athletes taking part in the two older games. They would also help to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation among the countries.

The Olympic Committee of Thailand was largely instrumental in translating the proposal into action. Following a series of deliberations the Committee chose the name of "South East Asia Peninsular Games" and decided at the same time that the participating countries would include Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaya, Thailand and Vietnam, since these countries lay in the Peninsula proper.

The proposal was submitted to and approved by the Government of Thailand. It was subsequently discussed at an informal meeting of representatives of Burma, Laos, Malaya and Thailand, who had assembled in Tokyo for the third Asian Games. Cambodia and Vietnam joined in the discussion later. As the Games would be international in character, the proposal was submitted to the various Olympic Committees for ratification.

The inaugural Games were held at Bangkok in 1959. Burma, Laos, Malaya, Singapore and Vietnam took part, in addition to Thailand.

A SEAP Games Federation was formed to control the Games which it was decided to hold every two years, in between the Asian and Olympic Games. It was also decided that each country would have the honour of holding the Games in rotation in alphabetical order.

The second SEAP Games were staged in Rangoon in 1961. Competing with the host country were Cambodia, Laos, Malaya, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Cambodia was unable to celebrate the third SEAP Games. Laos, next in line, indicated her inability to accept responsibility and Malaya has therefore taken over these Games which will be held in Kuala Lumpur from the 14th to 21st December, 1963.

Fourteen Games are included in the programme, and all member countries have indicated their intention of taking part. The public can look forward to a festival of sports. 

Technical Details
Special postage stamps of the 25 cents, 30 cents and 50 cents denominations will be issued on the 14th December, 1965 to commemorate the 3rd South East Asia Peninsular Games to be held in Kuala Lumpur.

Size: Rectangular with the following dimension perforation to perforation in sheets of 100 :
Horizontal - 25 mm
Vertical - 35 mm

Printing Process: Offset Process

Design: The 25 cents denomination depicts sepak raga and soccer.
The 30 cents denomination depicts athletics.
The 50 cents denomination depicts swimming.
Each denomination also bears the S.E.A.P. Games emblem of six rings.

Colours: 25 cents - green background with drawing of human figure in black.
30 cents - violet background with drawing of human figures in black.
50 cents - blue background with drawing of human figure in black.

Paper: Unwatermarked paper
Printed by: The Government Printing Bureau of Japan

Designer: Enche. A. F. Anthony

The stamps will be placed on sale in all the territories of Malaya for a period of three months from the date of issue or until stocks are exhausted whichever is earlier. 

 First Day Cover

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