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International Year of Shelter for the Homeless 1987

International Year of Shelter for the Homeless 1987

Date of Issue: 1987-04-06
Denominations: 20 cents, $1.00
Stamp Size: 31.5 mm x 48 mm
Paper: SPM watermarked phosphor coated
Printing Process: Lithography
Printer: Security Printers (M) Sdn. Bhd. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Sheet Composition: 50 stamps
Designer: Kajian Senilukis dan Senireka, Institut Teknologi Mara

Stamps in the Series:

First Day Cover:

United Nations has declared 1987 as the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless (IYSH). Malaysia is one of the many countries which support this declaration. The objective of this declaration is to focus on the problems faced by people who are in need of shelter and proper homes. Besides this, IYSH is also determined to create an awareness on the part of the government and other organizations involved to renew and step up efforts in providing as well as improving the living conditions of the people in a particular country.

In Malaysia, the implementation of the five year development plans is in line with the philosophy of IYSH which is to help the lower income groups by building low-cost houses in urban and rural areas as well as the development of squatter areas.

In line with this policy, a project called NADI was implemented in the Federal Territory aimed at improving the living conditions and the socio-economic status of the lower income groups, especially the squatter areas. The government has also given priority to those who earn less than $750/month to won low-cost houses. This involves the building of some 80,000 units of low cost houses per year from 1986 – 1988. This is a firm commitment from the government in fulfilling the basic needs and welfare of the people. The government has also implemented programs to restructure traditional villages and the development of new villages in order to create a viable settlement of human beings and to increase their socio-economic status.

As a mark of the Malaysia’s government support and commitment to the philosophy of IYSH, a seminar will be held in Malaysia on 6th April 1987. The aim of this seminar is to increase the awareness and involvement of all sectors towards to the programs and the philosophy of IYSH in this country.

20c – the design depicts a comfortable low cost housing scheme in a rural area complete with basic amenities and infrastructure

$1.00 – the design depicts a graphic visual which symbolized man’s (family) basic need for shelter (house)

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