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The Formation of Federal Territory of Labuan

Postage Stamps to Mark the Formation of Federal Territory of Labuan

Date of Issue: 1984-04-16
Denominations: 20 cents and $1.00
Stamp Size: 27 mm x 35 mm
Paper: Unwatermarked
Printing Process: Offset Lithography
Printer: Security Printers (M) Sdn. Bhd. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Sheet Composition: 100 stamps

Stamps in the Series:

First Day Cover:

Labuan is a district in Sabah, comprising entirely of islands, namely Labuan, Kuraman, Daat, Papan, Rusukan Besar, Rusukan Kecil dan Burung. The area of Labuan Island is approximately 92 sq km. It is situated on the northwestern side of Sabah, about 8 km away from the Sabah mainland. Labuan can be reached via MAS flight from Kota Kinabalu, which normally takes about half an hour.

Before joining Malaysia, Labuan and other parts of Sabah were a British Crown Colony since 1946. The population of Labuan, made up of many ethnic groups, has now reached 26,500.
Labuan is famous as a scenic port. It is a free port and is the second largest in Sabah. The port handles a variety of trade, including barter trade which is popular among the small traders in this region. It is also well known as a tourist resort, particularly among the foreigners who love its beautiful natural surroundings.

Industries too, have developed in Labuan Island, especially around the Ranca-ranca Industrial Zone. Labuan exports flour and animal feed, and in the near future will produce important goods, such as liquefied petroleum gas, sponge-iron and methanol.

On the 16th April 1984, another important event in Malaysian history will be recorded when Labuan becomes a Federal Territory. With this change of status it is hoped that Labuan will achieve a greater pace of development for the benefit and prosperity of the people and the nation.

20c – depicts development in Labuan Island and Malaysian Crest

$1 – depicts Labuan Island and Malaysian Flag

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