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4th World Orchid Conference Singapore Malaysia

It was in 1954 that the 1st World Orchid Conference was held in St. Louis, U.S.A. The American Orchid Society, Inc. sponsored it, and so grew the idea that the best and most knowledgeable orchidists of the world should meet once in three years to exchange their knowledge, to impart their ideas to the public and to get to know each other better.

The 2nd World Orchid Conference was held most appropriately in Honolulu then at the crest of its orchid wave, and it was a fine success, for it combined availability of lovely plants with a site already famous as a tourist paradise. In 1960, the Royal Horticultural Society, London, was given the opportunity of being host to the 3rd World Orchid Conference and the world saw the splendour of its annual Chelsea Flower Show. It was here that the Malayan Orchid Society's exhibit came into prominence. The bright and gay tones of Malayan orchids literally opened the eyes of the thousands who visited the exhibit. The queue in front of the 46 foot long exhibit was 12 deep and jammed tight hour after hour for the duration of the show.

This success was very largely responsible for the fact that this year Singapore is the host to the 4th World Orchid Conference.

The Conference will be held at the Victoria Theatre, beginning from Tuesday, 8th October, 1963. It will be opened by H.E. the Yang di-Pertuan Negara, and will last till Friday, 11th October, 1963.

Preceding the Conference, the Malayan Orchid Society will be holding an Orchid Festival Show on the 3rd October, 1963. The Show will be held in the premises of the Singapore Turf Club. It will give an opportunity for Malaysia to show its orchids, and for professional growers and dealers to exhibit their products and wares to overseas orchidists.

The Singapore Conference is sponsored by three organizations, namely, the American Orchid Society, Inc., the Royal Horticultural Society, London, and the Malayan Orchid Society. In addition, each of these societies has underwritten the Conference against loss to the sum of nearly $50,000. Also, if there is a profit, after a token sum has been deposited into the Conference fund, all excess has been most generously promised by the American Orchid Society, Inc. to be used in Singapore as a fund for research on Malaysian orchids.

The Conference and Show will serve the purposes of showing Malaysian orchids to the world and providing opportunities for obtaining up-to-date orchid knowledge and funds for research.

Technical Details
Special postage stamps of the 6 cents and 25 cents denominations will be issued on 3rd October, 1963, to mark the 4th World Orchid Conference.

Size: 42 mm x 31 mm perforation to perforation in vertical format

Design: Orchid flowers

Colour: Orchid flowers in natural colour and different background colour of each denomination

Printing Process: Photogravure

Paper: Unwatermarked white paper

Printed by: Messrs. Joh. Enschede En Zonen, Holland

Period of Sale: Three months from the date of issue or until stocks are exhausted whichever is earlier.

First Day Cover

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